Specialized Products from stabau


Some applications require attachments of different special designs, which are not included in our standard product range. The requirement can be due to the geometry and the condition of the goods to be handled or the work environment.

These products include particular clamping and handling attachments for bulky and delicate goods, attachments for steel mills and foundries, attachments for special vehicles and for the use in mining and coal-fired power plants, attachments with ex-protection or for food industry applications.

Since the foundation of our company we have developed attachments for handling and manipulating e.g. ladles and converters, carbon impact wheels, large tires, long goods, concrete elements, glass packages, isolators, steel blocks, anodes, motor and sailing boats, logs and sawn timber, forgings, pipes and drill rods of any tonnage as well as stationary solutions with attachments for the optimization of production processes.

Due to our many years of experience and expertise in this field we are able to find reliable solutions, which are particularly tailored to suit these applications.