Stabau Massstab

    Mile Stones

    We have achieved many milestones together. Consequently, we will continue to focus on the permanent development of our products because we want our customers to be able to recommend us as a business partner without reservation.

    1974 – Development of shaft-guided fork positioners

    1975 – Bolt-on forks as standard equipment

    1976 – Manufacture of attachments to be integrated into the lift mast

    1977 – Launch of rotators with worm gears

    1983 – Beginning of production of attachments for heavy lift trucks with load capacities greater than 20 t

    1994 – Development of the first quick-coupling system for forklift trucks

    2001 – Manufacture of our own telescopic forks with forced hydraulic synchronism

    2002 – Delivery of the first rotator with a load capacity of 45 t

    2008 – Manufacture of the worldwide largest fork positioners with a load capacity of 55,000 kg / 1,200 mm

    2010 – Implementation of forced hydraulic synchronism for further attachments

    2017 – Introduction of the quick-change device with fully automatic connection of the hydraulic circuits

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