Stabau Massstab



    Carpet poles with small diameters made of solid material are used for handling carpet rolls. Two different materials are processed here (42CrMo4 or 30CrNiMo8) in order to obtain equal load capacities with different diameters. When choosing a carpet pole, it should be considered that the thinner the carpet pole is the greater the deflection. We recommend a carpet pole length of 3000 mm for rolls of 4000 mm length. For rolls of 5000 m length, the carpet pole should be at least 3500 mm long.

    As a special design, carpet poles are also available with pockets to be slipped onto forks.

    Coil booms are used for handling wire or steel coils, tubes or goods of a similar geometry. In general, coil booms are made of tube material. Depending on the load capacity, diameter and load these attachments can also be made of solid material, which may also be of a conical or square shape. There are several types of coating for the protection of the transported goods available.