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    Bale Clamps

    Bale Clamps

    Bale clamps enable the handling of bales of pulp, paper and textiles.

    Pulp bale clamps have solid, slim arms to facilitate handling of extremely tightly stacked goods. For better grip, the contact surfaces are equipped with end-to-end bars. Combining attachments with a rotator allows the inversion of bales.

    Recycling clamps have wide arms with ribbed contact surfaces. They are suited for handling goods that are flexible enough to be pressed into the spaces between the ribs.

    The arms of Foam clamps are made of hoop-shaped tubular material for careful handling of foam bales. The opening range compared to bale clamps is wider.

    Box dumpers are used for sideward emptying of pallet cages and other bins without pockets. The load is picked up by the forks and also held by the clamp arms during the tilting process. For delicate bins rubber-coated contact pads are available.