Stabau Massstab

    Fork Positioners

    Fork Positioners

    Fork positioners enable hydraulic positioning of forks. These attachments are used in particular for frequently changing load widths.

    Due to the sturdy frame construction, the heavy-duty version is even suited for the toughest applications. A great deal of spreading stress can be absorbed due to the double-shaft guide and the bolt-on forks. When handling round goods, we recommend chamfering the inner and outer edges of the forks in order to avoid damage to the goods. For the emptying of boxes, the attachment is available as a rotatable version.

    If a wide opening range is required, hydraulic fork spreaders should be used. With hydraulic fork spreaders and a frame width corresponding to the vehicle, the opening range of the forks can be adjusted beyond the width of the vehicle. Loads cannot be clamped with this attachment.

    These fork positioners can be equipped with a separate sidershifter or a sideshift valve. With the integral version, the attachment and not the fork carrier is mounted directly into the mast. This keeps the loss in load capacity to a minimum and enhances driver visibility.

    Fork positioners ZVP/ZVPV allow mounting the truck’s forks. Due to the profile guide, the opening range of the forks can be adjusted in accordance with the width of the attachment.

    The attachments ZV, ZVP and ZVKG can be equipped with telescopic forks, which are serially provided as bolt-on forks.