Stabau Massstab

    Areas of application

    Each task in the various industries places different demands on the respective materials handling equipment. Giant logs, liquid metals, bulk goods such as sand or plastic chips, paper bales or even pipes have to be handled reliably. Sometimes time is of the essence, the space is extremely limited or the goods to be handled change constantly.

    No matter what you wish to transport where and how: stabau has the solution! Even our serial attachments perfectly cover many requirements. In cases where this is not sufficient, we manufacture individual solutions. In this way we are always able to satisfy all of our customers and in many sectors of industry, such as the wood, beverage and metal industries, stabau attachments are already considered to be the recommended choice of equipment.

    Below you will find examples for applications and suitable serial attachments from our product range.


    Wood Industry

    In the wood industry goods like logs, cut timber, processed wood products such as parquet and laminate flooring or particle boards for house construction and furniture manufacture are handled.

    For optimal handling of these products, stabau offers wood grapples, fixed fork spreaders and fork positioners of different designs.


    Metal industry

    In the metal industry, various materials in different states must be handled. Scrap and raw materials for smelting, liquid metals for casting, forging parts for forming and end products such as sheet metal and wire coils, slabs, rods, bars and plates.

    For the transport of these metal products, stabau manufactures scrap grapples, fork clamps, charging devices, rotators and ladle tippers, forge tongs, coil booms, coil clamps and fork positioners.


    Construction Industry

    In the construction industry, bagged and bulk goods such as sand and gravel are moved in addition to blocks, bricks and concrete products, which can also be handled palletless. Depending on the characteristics of the goods, special stabau attachments are used.

    Block, brick and concrete pipe clamps, multiple load handlers, multiple sideshifters, load pushers, pallet inverters and buckets facilitate the handling of these materials.


    Beverage industry

    Logistics in the beverage industry involve the handling of high product volumes. A great number of pallets with beverage cases, barrels or drums are to be moved economically.

    Multiple pallet handling reduces travel paths and enables quick loading of trucks. Typical stabau attachments for this purpose are multiple load handlers allowing the simultaneous handling of up to 8 pallets.


    Recycling Industry

    The recycling industry focuses on the disposal and recycling of various materials. Materials such as waste paper and cardboard packaging, plastics and textiles are regularly transported in the form of bales. Metals are usually collected in bins and containers and are later supplied to processing operations.

    stabau provides bale clamps, pivoting fork clamps, fork clamps, scrap grapples and rotators for handling these materials.



    The logistics sector is concerned with the handling and transport of numerous different materials, with or without loading aids, in standard or special dimensions and in all weight classes.

    For this purpose, stabau fork positioners, fork clamps, fixed fork spreaders, bale clamps, telescopic forks, crane jibs and appliance clamps, sometimes in combination with a sideshift, are employed.