Stabau Massstab

    Multiple Load Handlers and Sideshifters


    Multiple load handlers allow simultaneous handling of several pallets, which, in comparison to the common handling of one pallet, makes transportation operations more economical and more efficient. Typical applications can be found in the food and beverage industry as well as in the construction materials industry.

    Double pallet handlers have two pairs of forks, the opening ranges of which can be hydraulically adjusted to the different handling operations of pallets. In addition to the handling of single pallets, they also allow the handling of two pallets next to each other (1-2) with short forks and with long forks the handling of two pallets in front of one another as well as two pallets in front of and next to each other (2-4).

    Besides the simultaneous handling of two pallets next to each other (1-2), double pallet handlers with telescopic forks enable one-sided loading and unloading of trucks. Having reached the edge of the loading platform, the pallets that have been picked up can be telescoped to the back space of the loading platform or they can be picked up from there. Thus time can be saved even in locations with a limited amount of space by approaching the truck from one side only.

    Double pallet handlers with load extender enable the picking up or positioning of pallets (1-2) in the back rows by using the load extender of the double pallet handler. This attachment is also used in locations with a limited amount of space where the use of long forks, as well as of telescopic forks, is not possible.

    Triple pallet handlers allow the handling of up to three pallets next to each other (1-2-3). For this purpose, the forks can be hydraulically adjusted to the respective handling situation of one, two or three pallets.

    All attachments are serially equipped with separate sideshift, bolt-on forks and a patented synchronization system. Mechanically or hydraulically collapsible load stops to adjust the usable fork length to different load depths are optionally available. Load stabilizers for the stabilization of in unstable loads are available on request.

    4-6 pallet handlers are used to increase the handling capacity. In comparison to double pallet handlers this attachment can handle up to 6 euro pallets simultaneously. This can be done lengthwise (3 next to each other - 2 in front of each other) or across (2 next to each other - 3 in front of each other). With the minimum fork distance (O min) 4 euro pallets can be handled lengthwise.